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For me Webinar Jeo fills a much needed gap, with GoToWebinar costing so much and Hangouts often having a lag it fills it perfectly. The system is well put together and with good support. Any one getting started or looking to make the switch should give it consideration.

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So what is Webinar JEO, could it be the GoToWebinar killer?

Webinar Jeo is the first “Non” Hangouts based system that has all of the power GoToWebinar has…


Without the crazy price tag and limitations.

For a while we believed Hangouts was going to save us from the monopoly of GoToWebinar.

For many using systems like Webinar Jam it was. For a while…

However the lag time of Hangouts ultimately stopped most professionals truly making the switch.

Think about it, how many webinars have you been on lately that weren’t on GTW?

Exactly, approximately 95% of the pros still haven’t switched.

It’s baffling that they’ve gone so unchallenged.

But after an hour and a half on a demo webinar with Walt and the Webinar JEO team, I think we have a real contender.

Developers liked Hangouts because the hosting was managed by Google so reliability remained with them.

But to truly be a replacement someone needs to step up to the plate and take on that responsibility.

A 30 second lag can kill interaction and your webinar.

Webinar Jeo have overcome this by having multiple dedicated servers on 4 different continents that daisy chain to ensure load balancing.

If you have a lot of people registered the system allocates you a dedicated server to ensure reliability.

They have also set the system so that if a server reaches 60% of usage then an additional server it allocated…

So any spike in traffic is easily handled.

I watched the webinar from Thailand and there was less than 1-2 second of lag time on the webinar and chat box…

This kept engagement high and fluid throughout.

Walt and team have been adding new features continuously and their aim is to be a dominant force in the webinar industry.

So expect a lot more updates.

It already has more features than GoToWebinar and Walt mention they are working on Apps so you can host a webinar from your Ipad etc,

They will release these in about September-October 2016.

See GoToWebinar & Webinar JEO side by side;

Webinar JEO vs GoToWebinar

The big selling points for me are the low price and unlimited attendees.

I always though limiting attendees was a bit of a con and something that potentially loses you money.

Imagine if you had 1000 people who couldn’t get on your webinar because it was full!

I’d be pretty upset especially when paying what GTW charge.

Webinar Jeo is a well built and simple to use system, you can tell that $250,000 and 2 years of development have gone into making it.

Just speaking to Walt and hearing how passionate he is about making it the best platform out there makes me think we’ll be seeing a lot of new developments moving forward.

It still connects to Hangouts if you want to use it like Webinar Jam…

…And I believe it will connect with most live streaming systems like FB live very soon.

So you can stream your webinars live across multiple platforms to get greater exposure.

Would I Recommend It?

Yes, 100% I really like this system.

Especially if you do live or evergreen webinars and want a forward thinking platform without any of the limitations.

It’s not often you get a product that can be a giant killer but I feel Webinar Jeo really could be.

Get an exclusive 40% DISCOUNT when you buy through this link or any on this page.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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