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Video Wave makes video creation, niche research and SEO much more accessible to the masses. It's a great all in one solution that will help you find the gaps, create great videos and get on page one. It's not a silver bullet but it's a great start!

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What Is Video Wave?

Video Wave is the first ALL-IN-ONE video marketing platform.

If you know anything about SEO then you know that Google’s latest algorithms favour video in search rankings.

This means getting video on page one is far easier than regular webpages.

…And even more so if you use YouTube as Google owns it.

But finding keywords, creating videos and SEO optimising is also time consuming.

Video Wave takes care or all three issues.

Now it’s worth mentioning there have been similar systems that do parts of what Video Wave does…

…And I’ve not overly rated them as quality and results weren’t great.


Video Wave may have bridged my concerns and issues.

So much so after getting review access I’ll be buying my copy during launch.

The search tool finds easy to rank for keywords giving them a rating up to “Excellent” for ease of getting to P1.

Bear in mind if you don’t intend to target easy to rank keywords, then you will still need to do further optimisation such as getting backlinks and adding more content to the description.

Video Wave can’t make existing completion just disappear!

You can then build videos around each keyword or search phrase.

These videos are not just images made into slides.

They are video clips, 2D & 3D animations, images, text and editable slide show graphics.

There’s tons of built in content to use and their video editor is fully functional and allows you full control.

You can upload content and use the editor like you would Camtasia or any other.

It also has drag and drop functionality making it quick and simple to put videos together.


…Now you have your keywords and you have a great looking video.

You’ve even uploaded it directly to YouTube (or else where).

But you now need to rank it!

Video Wave submits and syndicates your video to the main book marking sites automatically with just a few clicks.

This gives your video immediate authority in low competition areas and will help you rank in 30 days or less

So the aim of Video Wave is that it makes tapping into video SEO traffic much faster and easier.

What I like about it (and why I recommend it) is because of the quality with which it does all 3 parts.

The video editor especially, it’s great for editing any video and is great as a stand-alone product.

…Especially for the launch price.

Sure it may lack a few features for the more advanced video editors but I’d assume they would add content premade to VW.

For the rest of us having one system to rule them all is REALLY handy.

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Would I Recommend It?

Yes 100%, it takes a huge amount of time and guess work out of the video ranking process.

Video SEO is now to affiliate marketers, what Niche sites where to many of us 5 years ago.

Again it’s worth mentioning that if you intend to target harder keywords then you’ll still need to do some additional SEO work, but Video Wave will be a good start.

Also if you use YouTube make sure your videos aren’t spammy and comply with YouTube’s terms.

They are very hot on this and you can get accounts banned.

I’ve added additional YouTube training in the bonuses but it may be worth getting the training academy upgrade.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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