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With email open rates falling we need new opportunities lead opportunities so TextDeliver definitely fills a need. The dashboard is slick and navigation easy. Although you will need to use a 3rd party system to provide text credit, the overall value of TextDeliver is good.


TextDeliver is the combined creation of Mark Thompson and Cindy Donovan.

TextDeliver is a sms autoresponder and management tool that promises to dramatically increase your open rates and customer engagement.

If the stats are to be believed then Text will definitely be the next step for many marketers.

With resent successful innovations in the browser push notifications and chat-based tech, sms is the next natural step.

But why hasn’t it really been done? Text is nothing new, right?

There have been two main issues/reasons.

Cost – until fairly recently the cost to send mass sms messages was still too high to move marketers off the free option of email


Functionality – there hasn’t been a system that gives us the same control over autoresponder messages, automation and management.

But with the steady decline in email open rates you really need to be a copy-writing wizard to get the most out of your list.

So having figures like 98% open rates being thrown around, sms is starting to become worth the cost.

TextDeliver connects to your chosen sms service and acts like your email autoresponder.

Note: You will need to use a 3rd party system to buy text credit.

You can automate sequences after signup, send message blasts, keyword response and manage messages from inside the dash as you would an email inbox.

Sure you’ll have to get used to writing short attention grabbing messages, but TextDeliver opens up a whole new way to build a list.

The money will always be in the list, but the platforms for that list are changing.

Lets face it you always read your text messages, but not your emails.

I’m personally thinking of abandoning emails in the near future, I find it’s the lowest converting method I currently use.

Sure many of you will have a strong loyal following, but wouldn’t that mean you’d get an even better response on sms?

Love it or hate it marketing is going mobile and you need to start looking at options other than email.

Until now the features of TextDeliver were only available to big companies and the sms suppliers don’t have the functionality required for marketers.

Now you can send autresponders, customer timezone release, one click broadcast, add and import subscribers, manage lists and messages from a single dashboard and set keywords that trigger responses e.g. text DISCOUNT to get our latest offer.

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Would I Recommend It?

Yes, businesses need to be looking at other ways to reach customers other than email. Inboxes are just too saturated for many markets.

If you are creative with the messages then you will see results with this.

Go for quality over quantity.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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