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With so much content being shared on Social Media, which basically means sending people away from your page or site for free...

And with Facebook forcing us to pay for exposure (even to people who follow us) it fills a real need. SpeedLeads has a slick easy to navigate dashboard, with plenty of training videos. It does everything advertised without having to buy an upgrade. As social sharing isn't going to stop anytime soon, you'll get good longevity out of this purchase.

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SpeedLeads is the latest marketing software to be created by Tom Murray and Stuart Frank.

They are renowned for producing high quality and lead generation focused products for the IM industry. So what is SpeedLeads?

It’s a browser-based tool that allows you to add a banner ad or lead capture box to ANY webpage.

Basically any link that you share online.

The main purpose of this is for Social Media sharing.

BUT it can be used for any url you want to add marketing to.

For example you share an article from Mashable or another popular site on Facebook…

…When readers click the link to read it, they will see a banner in one of the corners.

You have full control over that banner on the page.

This banner could link to a related affiliate product or signup box for a newsletter.

There are multiple options and how you use the banners to monetize the post is completely up to you.

The point is you retain some marketing control over the designation-landing page…

…Rather than it just being free marketing for the article writer.

This has become more important with FB trying to charge us to show content to people whom already like our page.

So if you have to pay to boost EVEN free articles then you want to be dam sure there is some form of monetization to cover costs.

SpeedLeads uses an iframe presentation, which looks and is identical to the selected landing page in all but one aspect, the url.

The url shown in the browser will be different, it acts as an invisible layer that you can add the banners to.

The domain can be a custom one of your choosing or their default.

This technology is NOT new I’ve used and tested similar ones, BUT they do a number of important things differently!

Most importantly the content shows in your Social Media feed (when the link is posted) as from the destination-landing page.

There is no “posted from” or anything like that, the content looks original and native.

Which means it feels trustworthy and natural. This is important, as readers can be suspicious of any unnatural spammy content.

What are the main reasons you would want Speed leads?

To monetise content you already share on Social Media.

Or to monetise other peoples content meaning you don’t have to produce your own.

I would also use this to add my own marketing to affiliate sales pages I promote.

For example I can share a link in your emails that present a tailored reader offer or discount.

Vendor Demo Video

Would I Recommend It?

Yes, especially if you post on Social Media, it will allow you to monetize any post naturally while tracking your stats.

There are many uses outside of Social Media but that is where you will get the most use.

Make sure you watch the demo to get a better idea of how it works.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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