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This product is for those who need help or who want to save time on their FB ads. It’s well built and does as described, for the low price it’s great value. But that said, I do feel like you need the Pro version to get real longevity out of it.

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What Is Smart Ads Builder?

Smart Ads Builder is a new tool that allows you to create high converting Facebook ads at the click of a few buttons.

It has a huge database of proven templates and text so you can quickly generate FB ads.

If you use Facebook ads then you know you need to split test campaigns with different images and text.

But you can post to multiple social media platforms not just Instagram.

This can be time consuming and a bit of a minefield, especially for those of us who aren’t FB ad experts.

Don’t get me wrong you’ll still have to finish the ads inside Facebook.

So a basic understanding of how to do that is a must.

However Smart Ads Builder takes a large chunk of the legwork out of the process.

I like this tool as it gives me a place to start when generating ads.

I can use their template images and text…

…Then repurpose it to fit my needs.

The fact that the editor ensures the text to image ratio (20/80) is always kept so your ads remain compliant, is another big plus.

You can also start from a blank template when building if you prefer.

This allows you to upload an image of your own from the editor or search through thousands of royalty free images.

Once you are happy with the image, title, text and link, you can upload it to any FB page you have linked.

Or you can download the files to add manually in Power editor.

All your ads will remain in the dashboard to edit or duplicate until deleted.

The other main feature that reduces work time is the audience builder

This searches out interests based on keywords you enter.

Those interests can be copied into FB or saved for later use.

Note: If you want to use more advanced FB audience features then you will need to do still need to do this inside FB.

The real USP for me is the template builder, as you would expect from the name.

Coming up with catchy titles, text and images in any market is difficult.

You may think you know what works or what will get people to click, but without a starting point to guide you it’s hard to get it right.

The first upsell to Pro is well worth the extra if you want to have real choice…

…It comes with 1000s of the top converting ads with hundreds of new ones each month.

You can also request templates as a Pro account user.

…And you get access to the VIP Facebook group with additional support.

Out of the box the front end product is good and still has everything, just fewer templates and ad text.

But for me as the main use of this tool is to use templates that work…

…The more you have access to the better.

The second upsell is the Spy Tool.

This is used to Spy on the competition so you can see what ads they are posting and steal them to use as your own.

I use a similar tool and it’s handy to see what’s working.

Looking at engagement on the post and how they put their ads together will help educate you on what’s working in your niche.

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Would I Recommend It?

Yes 100%, if you use Facebook ads (or plan to) then this will take a lot of the work and thinking out of it.

Especially at the low one off price…

…Though I do recommend the Pro version to keep fresh ad copy being added to your account.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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