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Revamply definitely fills a need, especially for those who are dependent on designers. The product is nicely put together and although its not the lowest price point, it is the only tech of it's kind and it will save you money in the long run. You'll recoup the cost the first time it replaces your designer.

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Revamply is the latest product from Sam Bakker who is currently one of the worlds leading Internet Marketers.

All of Sam’s products are of high quality and Revamply is no acceptation.

Revamply breaks new ground in page editing, it allows you to copy and edit ANY webpage.

Just enter the page url and away you go.

I have to say it’s a pretty impressive piece of tech and I’ve really enjoyed playing around with it.

You can move or add elements, change text, layout, images, add optin forms, count down timers and much more.

You add a piece of code to your website one time, then updates can be made in a single click.

It’s being sold as a page builder to go with your main website builder (WordPress, Click Funnels etc) and I think this is right.

It won’t replace your current platform, as it cannot build from blank pages. Nor does it build the framework.

Revamply allows you to edit on the fly and make really quick updates.

Yes you could use it to edit 3rd party websites and sell them the changes

This is a great way to get clients as you can demonstrate what you can do for them.


There are two main ways I see people would use this.

  • You manage multiple websites for clients that are hosted on different platforms and want to be able to quickly make changes from one dashboard. This will allow you to save time and make more.
  • Your site was build by a designer and you want to be able to make simple changes quickly and most importantly for free. The cost and waiting time for changes are a big pain point.


First off Revamply is an amazing system.


It’s not always as simple as you may think.

You will have to play around on pages to understand how sections work together.

Some elements may move or overlap other parts, I’ve found simple page elements like text and images are easier to work with.

Elements that are part of the site structure or that link to other pages (in WordPress for example) are more difficult to edit.

This reinforces my thoughts that Revamply is designed for quick changes to ONPAGE elements only.

This takes nothing away from the tool.

But if you think this is going to allow you to edit everything on your site then think again.

Leave the framework to the platform your site is hosted on and your designer.  

Use Revamply for any page changes you want to do.

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Would I recommend Revamply?

Yes, especially if you don’t build your own sites then making changes can be slow and costly.

Revamply will allow you to take back some of the control.

Also if you want to create better landing pages than your site will allow (WordPress for example) then Revamply will also be very useful. The template features are pretty awesome.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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