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If you sell a variety of digital product or create graphics for clients then this is a must have tool. It makes creating any type of product cover graphics quick and easy. Even design experts will benefit from this time saving app.

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What Is Pixel Studio FX 2.0?

Pixel Studio FX 2.0 is the latest creation of Jimmy Kim and team.

They are responsible for creating some of the most powerful software tools for the Internet Marketing industry.

Pixel Studio FX version 1 was no exception with nearly 10,000 copies begin sold.

It’s a product cover builder and editor.

It allows you to create beautiful graphic covers in minutes; in fact to date over +65,000 ecovers have been created.

You’ve seen ebook covers, CD cover graphics and software boxes that are used to create visual images of digital products.

This is massively important for the virtual world where a lot of the time buyers don’t get anything physical.

The image of an actual book for example makes a pdf download feel more valuable.

Just as the image of CD’s with a software brand, that you download as a file…

…No CD is ever sent.

But these graphics help give the illusion of value.

We react in the same way we do when buying physical products….

…And this in turn increases sales… images sell (fact).

I use these cover graphics in all aspects of my online marketing.

Whether rebranding a resell product or just making my products stand out.

It has helped increase sales while adding a higher level of professionalism.

Many online design tools now have built in options for ecovers.

I’m willing to bet money they’re some of the most used templates.


Where Pixel Studio FX is different is that it focuses on just ecovers.

You have hundreds of templates in dozens of niches!

…And because its build for just covers it has a vast amount of options.

For example I use Youzign for a lot of covers but there are only a few options and I’ve now over used them.

You want to be able to produce a digital design for any type of product and have options that fit perfectly.

With the digital market increasing at a rapid rate and knowing these designs can increase sales…

…You need to be spending money on getting it right.

This is why ebook cover services on Fiverr are massive.

But this can get expensive and in my experience I’ve never quite gotten what I wanted.

But it’s in demand because 3D images are difficult to create.

I’m savvy with Photoshop and use it daily, but 3D designs are pretty hard to get right.

On a side note Fiverr is a way you could quickly make back the small investment in Pixel Studio FX or create an additional income.

For me personally it fills a massive gap in an ever-increasing area.

The templates are easy to use and the editor has a massive amount of functionality for a browser-based tool.

Straight out of the box the tool work as described.

You get over 200 done for you templates in 23 niches, you can build from scratch on blank templates and you have full commercial/developer licences to sell your designs.

It also comes with training videos to help you get started.

The up-sell during launch basically gives you a lot more.

It adds Professional 3D Bundle Packages, 400 More Done For You Templates, 300 More Fonts, Plus 100 Megs of Storage Space!

So for those looking for more choices or to sell these services then it’s great value for a one-time purchase.

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Would I Recommend It?

Yes 100%, it’s a must have tool for any Internet Marketer.

Especially those who sell digital products and services online.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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