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Well built and the first TRUE all in one FB management tool. It's far easier to use than using FB for ads, research etc and once linked you won't need to go back to Facebook for anything. I highly recommend it.

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What Is OneSoci 2.0?

OneSoci 2.0 is the FIRST true all in one Facebook (and social media) management platform.

Bold words…

But I after testing I think the OneSoci team may have nailed it!

I’ve used and tested many social media management tools and platforms.


…They all have something missing that means I have to do something inside Facebook itself at some point.

With OneSoci 2.0 you don’t…

You literally (once your connected) don’t have to go back to Facebook.

Everything can be done inside.

You can find content, create content, use built in templates, edit your profile, check analytics and stats, create ads, upload and manage ads, create viral contests, create bespoke page tabs, add one click opt-ins to content to build your email list ad the same time and a ton more.

They’ve brought the best features of some of the biggest FB breakthroughs of the past year and put them in one clean and well-built system.

Take these 3 for example; viral content research and posting, built in templates and editors, and the ad builder are all huge features.

That last one for me was a break through.

The FB ad builders I’ve previously tested create ads but they don’t have the FB approved API.

This means you would have to finish the ad inside FB’s ad manager, which meant it was little more that a template designer.

I’ve used a number of the tools and software created by the developers and the quality and support are second to none.

The only tiny change I’d like to see (and have requested) is a direct link to your autoresponder.

Currently you would have to manually upload the csv file of captured emails to your autoresponder.

This is not a biggy and if that’s the only thing, then I think OneSoci 2.0 is a winner.


…After speaking with them I’ve been assured there is a lot more to come including the autoresponder and Instagram API’s.

So it’s only going to get better moving forward.

You can also currently link Twitter and Pinterest to directly post.

…And if you use Yousign it links directly to the platform for you to import templates and designs.

I created a “look inside” video above, but it’s worth watching the vendor demo (below) as it shows you some of the functions in more detail.

What you need to know about the upsells.

OneSoci 2.0 has plenty straight out of the box but if you want to unlock a ton of the extra features then you’ll want to get both OTO’s (one time offers) during launch.


You get unlimited pages and groups – that can be managed inside OneSoci

Template club – loads more templates with more being added monthly

Developer rights – so you can manage accounts in the platform for clients

And the custom page tabs creator.


Is all about the viral contests and quizzes, something that is proven to increase traffic and conversions.

Optin form contest – users complete a form the normal way and get entered into your contest.

The complete admin system then handles contest winners, data export, autoesponder integration and reporting.

One-click optin contests – users simply click an “ok” permissions button and all their info gets added to the contest, there is nothing to manually enter.

Quiz type contests – these really engage users and draw them in. Quiz contests can be set up as a normal Q+A or a multiple-choice campaign.

Vendor Demo Video

Would I Recommend It?

Hell yes, this REALLY is the first proper all in one Facebook management tool, if you use pages and Facebook marketing then you owe it to yourself to take a look.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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