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OctoSuite fills multiple needs and although it's not the first Social Media management tool out there, the bulk posting, link cloaking and viral research features make it one of the best out there for Internet Marketers. Great value for a one time fee.

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What Is OctoSuite?

OctoSuite is the latest creation of Luke Maguire and it follows his expertise in Social Media management and automation.

His previous browser based systems focused on finding viral content on Facebook or Instagram that you could then edit and post as your own.

Octosuite is a hybrid of these platforms.

It was created to help overcome pain points that a large number of customers were having.

These issues included;

bulk posting and scheduling to all of their FB pages and groups. That includes groups they are not an admin of.

Note: There’s also a Chrome extension for mass group joining so you can fast-track your applications to gain reach.

Another issue was syndication to other social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Yes you can get a free account on IFTTT but it doesn’t always post as required.

With the upgrade Octosuite will post to 5 additional social media accounts posting directly and correctly.

The research and bulk scheduler are the big winners for me, you can find viral content just about anywhere…

….FB pages, groups, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit.

Then you can edit it and post as your own content to all of your pages and groups.

Not to mention any syndicated social media accounts you have connected.

Octosuite’s research, posting, schedule and management features work straight out of the box.

But it’s worth getting the syndication, image editor and link cloaker upgrades to get full functionality.

You really won’t need any other system after that.

With the editor and the free image database (via Pixal Bay), you can find images and quickly add text to create engaging and original posts.

The only platform you can’t link is Instagram, I’m guessing because of the scheduling restrictions.

You’ll still need InstaMate for that.

I’ve always liked (and bought) Luke’s products because they are straight forward, simple to use and have no monthly fees.

Unlike many other Social Media management systems out there.

Octosuite is a great all in one tool and if you have multiple Social Media accounts then it’s a must buy.

If you already have Viral Autobots and only have a couple of pages then this may not be for you.

That said, Octosuite is definitely the slicker more powerful of the two systems.

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Would I recommend Octosuite?

Yes, 100%. If you use Facebook pages and groups then Octosuite will save you a ton of time, especially if you have multiple accounts.

Octosuite is also a business in a box you can monetise viral content on your pages and groups using the affiliate link cloaker.


Offer your services as a Social Media manager.

Give it a try for 14 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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