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Though membership platforms have improved most are still lacking so MemberHub will definitely fill a need for some. On testing the product was fast, easy to use and great value during launch.

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What Is MemberHub?

MemberHub is the new membership platform that has been “meticulously built” and tested by Chad Nicely and team.

Beta testing has been going on for 6 months!

It’s worth saying straight off the bat that this is SO much more than just a membership platform.

I’ve only scratched the surface during testing, there are so many features that I keep finding.

…So I won’t be able to mention them all.

The aim of MemberHub is to be a complete fast, all-in-one platform.

It delivers your products, sells them, acts as your website, manages your tracking, CPAs, analytics, member management and automation flow.

The only thing that’s come close on testing was SmartMember released earlier in the year and that was retailing at over 3 times the price.

With that said lets get into what MemberHub can do…

As you would expect from a good members platform it has multiple templates, and design features.

All of the templates are editable; in as far as you can change colours layouts etc using the built in editor.

It’s a lot like WP.

You have live chat on pages and a pop out news feed to keep members up to date.

NOTE: MemberHub is build for speed in both getting setup and for your customers. On testing, page load and editing was really fast, which is something that’s massively important.

You can have your built-in storefront when users login showcasing your products.

These products link to sales pages that integrate with just about any payment gateway from PayPal to Jvzoo.

So even if you are giving away free membership and free courses you can have your paid courses inside…

You could give the first part of a course away and charge for the second.

This way you are giving value first and capturing leads.

Those leads as you would expect can be sent to any autoresponder of your choosing.

If you use membership systems you know the importance of making sure customers follow every step and engage along the way.

This is where one massive advanced feature of MemberHub comes in…

You can award points, bonuses, badges, prizes and more when people finish certain tasks.

The point allocation can be managed anyway you like from watching a video to giving you a testimonial.

You can also approve steps manually or automatically, which is really handy for high-ticket products.

…And if you do get testimonials those can automatically be approved and added to your sales pages.

This is very handy from building that social proof.

MemberHub basically gives you FULL control of over every aspect of your member’s space.

Set rules, hide content from anywhere, set levels, packages, subcategories, drip feed, release content based on actions, add CTAs anywhere and so much more.

You can also build your resource library to use on any product and MemberHub even has a built in affiliate system so other people can sell your products.

They were working on other monetization features when I was testing so expect advanced banner ads and more.

As I said I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface, you really need to add products and test it in real time.

But if you have any questions let me know and I may be able to answer them for you.

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Would I Recommend It?

Yes 100%, it’s the best value membership system of its kind that I’ve tried (if there’s anything else like it that is), based on the launch price.

This is how you make money with membership; it’s all you need in one tool for both passive and high-ticket products.

It’s making me consider creating more training products.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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