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leadtarget is a great next gen lead capture tool, with ad spend going up and conversions going down we need to look for new ways to pull people in. The chatbot is a cool little feature.

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What is LeadTarget?

LeadTarget is the latest creation of Brad Stephens and Team.

Brad is well known for Facebook marketing and lead generation.

LeadTarget is an intelligent Lead capture tool that tailors opt-in forms, popups and chat boxes to the current page a visitor is on.

As you may know the more targeted your marketing the higher your conversions.

LeadTarget allows you to add page pops; bars and full-page lead capture boxes, as you would expect…

…You can also choose from templates and edit designs.


You can make sections of text, say the title, pull from the page the visitor is on.

It can pull that text from the Title, H1, Meta and more.

This allows parts of the capture form to become dynamic.

Now, for some this won’t really help, as preexisting page data may not work in a sentience.

So you may need to get creative.

You will have to ensure you’re using titles etc that work in the dynamic form text.

One to two word titles will work best.

Now this is a good little feature, but…

…It’s not the one that would make me buy it.

LeadTarget is a good stand alone lead pop tool even if you don’t use the dynamic features.

However the Chat Bot on the other hand is pretty cool.

It starts a conversation using dynamic text and asks questions that you pre program.

This starts a conversation using tailored wording with multiple questions with response triggering.

It can then request an email to send them more details.

You can also do this on Facebook chat.

LeadTarget also allows you to split test multiple designs and wording so you can drill down into what works.

Sure there are elements of this system that have been done before.

But as a more dynamic way to capture leads it certainly gives you options.

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Would I recommend it?

Yes, but only if you’re going to use it properly. You need to format your pages so the dynamic content that is pulled in makes sense when added to the opt-in form.

And you need to split test to see what works better. If you use this tool correctly and put a little time into setting it up, then it will definitely increase your conversions.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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