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All businesses should be investing in their marketing pages and Igloo produces stunning, high converting pages and funnels quickly. The product is well executed and of very high quality for the price, similar to ClickFunnels in design so a pleasure to use, but it costs less than one month of Click Funnels does. It won't replace Click Funnels for some as that has many more features, however it is a great low cost alternative for those who don't need all of the extras and integrations.

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Igloo App is the latest creation of Josh Ratta and team.

IGloo App is an all in one drag and drop page builder that focuses on helping users create stunning marketing pages and funnels.

At first glance looks very similar to ClickFunnels, which is a good thing as I use it daily and built this page with it.

So the layout feels familiar and the builder is very slick and responsive.

Much like CFs the builder is broken down into sections, rows/columns and elements, with each piece having editing options and settings.

Though you can build any landing page with Igloo the main focus is on your marketing pages e.g. optin, webinar, launch, affiliate bonus pages, download pages etc

So is it a ClickFunnels or LeadPages killer?

No, not yet. But let me explain the difference and why it’s a better fit for many!

Though there may be plenty of new developments in the pipeline, Igloo was made with marketing and launch pages in mind (front end).

The main difference is product sales and delivery (the backend); Igloo doesn’t integrate with payment platforms like Stripe, or allow you to create sales funnels with order forms.

Nor does it allow you to create membership areas to deliver products in.

But Igloo is less than the price of 1 MONTH of ClickFunnels or Leadpages (especially during launch)…

…And it takes all of the other best parts and combines them into a really powerful page and funnel builder.

HOWEVER, that said you are able add custom html to pages.

So, if you sell products through Jvzoo or Clickbank then depending on what you’re selling you could manage the entire sales funnel and delivery with Igloo.

Just add the buy button html to the page.

So if you don’t use CF and Leadpages for product delivery or one click upsells when selling with Stripe, then it’s time to save some money and switch to Igloo.

If I didn’t currently use those features I would switch to Igloo in a heartbeat.

The tests I’ve used with the builder and WP plugin have (so far) been seamless.

Sometimes less is more; as much as I love ClickFunnels has caused me a lot of issues in recent months because it’s so large and complex glitches happen more often.

I actually find the WP plugin words better that CFs currently does.

Igloo has something ClickFunnels and Leadpages don’t!

It allows you to create viral competitions (like Upviral) around your products helping you get more traffic and build a buzz.

Users are given a unique share url and they get points every time a friend signs up through it.

They then unlock prizes and offers which incentivizes them to share even more. This makes a great addition for launches.

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Would I recommend IGloo App?

Yes, especially if you use Jvzoo or Clickbank to sell your products. You can use Igloo for all of your front-end marketing pages.

This will produce far better landing pages than WP and in a fraction of the time.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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