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We need a way to send viewers directly to offers in Instagram, eComily does this. It also gives additional ways to monetise Instagram. It's simple to use and costs next to nothing.
It's worth noting that I didn't have full access (just demo) but from what I saw I can def recommend this product to Insta/eCom users.

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Ecomily is a new Instagram and Ecom management tool.

It’s no secret that Instagram and Ecom go together like peanut butter and jelly, Ecomily just takes it to another level.

Brands and Ecom shops have been tapping into the unrestricted and free traffic opportunities for some time now.

But you only have one link unless you pay for ads.

So marketers have had to be creative in how they use it.

Ecomily automates the most effective methods for you by adding direct link messages when people engage.

The best way is to have an image of a product enticing people to click through the profile link.

Then when users hit the webpage you show them more images saying, “get the look”.

They then click again and it takes them to a buy now page.

This means that you have congruent pages linked to every post.

Ecomily links to your shop, products, Instagram account and automates this process.

It can also do all of your Instagram research so you can find trending topics, hashtags and viral content.

You can then use this content in you’re Instagram account and shop.

What’s more Ecomliy actually creates a mobile Ecom store for you…

…This means you can find trending topics and add products to your store to monetise the traffic.

It also fully integrates with Shopify so you can plug your existing shop straight in.

The creators are best known for their viral engagement systems. Ecomily is no exception.

They’ve added features for you to host viral contests and sweepstakes.

This helps gain greater viral exposure and free traffic.

So who is Ecomily for?

Anyone looking to capture leads or sell using Instagram.

I’ve used Instagram in multiple niches and I have to say anything using fashion, beauty or lifestyle does really well.

This is why Ecom is the natural business to use with Instagram.

People are killing it.

Before Facebook start to restrict the platform now is the time to tap into the free traffic available.

@menwithclass is a great example of the above method in action.

They post various “looks” that then go to a very visual site that has the looks and the individual items.

ALL of these items go to affiliate sites, so all they manage is the Instagram account and visual site.

And they earn big! 3.2 million followers being filters to their site every time they post.

Now imagine if it generated a message with the link directly to the corresponding “look” when people engaged with the image, then presented them with buy now options, upsells, tracked what worked best and automated everything.

They’d earn even more. A lot more…

This for me is the best way to use Instagram.

Ecom makes use of the best method and adds a passive automated sales element to every image.

So you only sell when users engage.

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Would I Recommend It?

Yes, if you use Instagram for Ecom then 100%. Or, if you’re looking for ways to monetise Instagram.

The vendor states that it works for any niche, I disagree with that.

If you want to earn big on Instagram then you need to be targeting visual lifestyle markets.

I’ve added our InstaClick software and training as a bonus to help you with this.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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