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This is an awesome addition to your video marketing toolbox. It's not something everyone will need, but it certainly makes stock footage more bespoke and professional looking.

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What is DropMock Video?

DropMock Video is the latest creation of Lee Pennington.

Following the success of DropMock, a tool that allowed you to automatically add images to screens or devices within images and edit templates to create great marketing images on the fly.

For example a picture of someone holding an IPhone, DropMock would add your image to the screen of the IPhone and you could add text, icons, overlays etc

Thus allowing you to create unique marketing images.

DropMock Video takes this to the next level.

It allows you to add video to screens within videos.

For example someone in a video clip is watching a computer screen.

You could put any video clip on that computer screen within the video.

You need to watch the demo, but this is pretty powerful stuff.

I’ve created a couple of examples in the walk through but you can take high quality video clips from the library and add your own video elements.

These video clips could then be downloaded to use in your own videos.


For clients, making this a must have for any video marketers.

You could record your screen while scrolling through your website.

Then add that video to a computer or device screen to make it look like they are scrolling through your site.

I Love this, especially for clients.


Add a video stinger like I did in the walk through.

Well give you a video stinger of your choosing to use, if you get the monthly subscription to DropMock (see below).

What I like is that you get both the image DropMock and the Videos within the one account.

You can also preview your creation before downloading, something similar systems don’t allow.

In testing DropMock Video, I found it easy to use and really fast.

It is worth mentioning that DropMock do things a little differently to other systems.

You have access to hundreds of designs and videos straight out of the box.


You only have a certain amount of credits to use, about 50 with your initial front-end purchase.

If you want more take the first upgrade, it’s about $37 per month, but they give you $200 worth of credit to use each month.

This is what video and images cost to download in credits;

  • 1 for SD image
  • 3 for HD image
  • 7 for SD video
  • 10 for HD video

You can up subscription levels if you need more.

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Would I recommend it?

Yes 100%, these clips used for you, or your clients look awesome. It’s basically like buying high quality video clips that you can then add slick professional branding into. Not on or over like editors, but directly into.

What’s more the clips cost less than most professional footage sites charge.

It’s definitely a great additional to your marketing videos or as a service you can add to your site for clients.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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