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Doodle sketch videos are still in high demand and Doodly is a more simple to use platform than most. The low cost and being able to add your own images make Doodly a great option. Especially for those who are yet to use doodle sketch animations.

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What Is Doodly?

Doodly is the combined creation of Jimmy Kim and Brad Callen, two of the biggest hitters in the Internet Marketing industry.

It’s a new doodle sketch video maker that is desktop based and compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Now unless you’ve been under a rock then you know the power of doodle sketch videos.

All animated videos are powerful…

But doodle sketch videos keep people watching.

There’s something about watching images and text being drawn that keeps engagement high.

This issue for many has always been cost vs. ease.

Even on Fiverr you’re looking about $100 per video and that’s without alterations.

And many of the other doodle sketch video makers don’t produce the desired results or I’ve found them to be fiddly to use.

So the main question we have to ask is what makes Doodly different?

There are a number of factors that make Doodly the best choice to date (for me).

  • It has to be the ease of use. Doodly is super user friendly, so even newbies will be able to produce great videos without issue.
  • The clean drawing lines. The animations are not stock, they are bespoke built with very clean drawing lines. This means the animations and finished videos are of a high quality.
  • Add any image of your own. This is a great feature you can add any image and Doodly will draw it automatically or you can add the draw pattern yourself. Lines may not be as tight as the purpose built footage, but it still looks good and this means you can add any graphics to your video to great effect.
  • Desktop based. I’m a big fan of browser-based systems but when it comes to video creation I like the software to be on my computer. This means I can work when I want and it improves rendering speeds.
  • White and blackboard. You can make both white board and blackboard doodle sketch videos giving you twice as many options.

Doodly comes packed with scenes, props and characters straight out of the box.

But if you want more, 4x more, then you’ll need to upgrade to pro.

That way you’ll have a whopping 1100 animations rather than just 200.

Also if you plan to sell videos to clients as part of your business. Then you’ll need to purchase the commercial license.

Doodle videos are an amazing low cost way to increase conversions and drive sales.

I can’t see them going away any time soon.

Doodly just makes it cheaper and more accessible to the masses.

It’s also a stand alone business for those who want to make money from it.

Would I Recommend It?

Yes 100%, the money you save on your first video will more than cover the cost.

Many of us still don’t like to be in our videos or have the equipment to film, so Doodle sketch videos are a great alternative.

They are also proven to convert with even novice videos looking professional.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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