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Everyone needs marketing pages and funnels and Convertri is Well built and easy to use. It has less features than Click Funnels at present but this is a great chance to lock in your lifetime account for a one off price during launch. I wish I'd done that when CF was launched, but this is the next opportunity to grab hold of with both hands.

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What Is Convertri?

Convertri It’s the next generation of page builders.

Yes we’ve heard it all before! And recently!

But there are some very different features that stand out on this new platform.

First off the question is will it replace Click Funnels or LeadPages?

The short answer if you use all of the features and integrations or CF and LP is no.

They still have far more features and integrations.

But it’s not far off and Convertri has many features that Click Funnels Doesn’t.

…Convertri is a great alternative and at small one time cost (during launch).

Remember Click Funnels and LeadPages cost about $100 per month (minimum).

So you’d expect, NO demand more features.

That said Convertri is new and I fully expect many more features to be rolled out.

But as a page builder Convertri has some big features that make it stand out for me.

The first is the speed!

It’s built on Fastly which hosts Twitter, Shopify and other big names.

What this means for you is super fast load times.

In fact it pulls pages in 150ms which means a page loads as you finish clicking.

With Google rankings and customer conversions being dependent on site speed this is a big plus.

The second is the drag and drop builder!

Convertri has a freeform builder.

If you use Click Funnels or similar builders then you are limited by the sections, rows, elements etc.

In Convertri you can put anything anywhere, no framework limits you.

So you can get even more bespoke and creative with designs.

You can also link your pages to create a funnel with their really cool flow builder (see screenshot).

Convertri Review

It’s a bit of a gimmick but actually makes linking funnel pages easier and more visual.

And thirdly (slightly less important) intelligent caching!

This means you can upload images at any size and Convertri will auto optimize without loss of quality.

That will also help ensure even faster load times.

There are then other features you would expect from a good page builder such as:

  • Designer templates
  • Truly mobile responsive webpages
  • Built in count down timers
  • Page split-testing with analytics
  • Multiple integrations with autoresponders and merchant services
  • 2 Step opt-ins
  • And much more.

That’s straight out of the box, but you can upgrade and join the template club.

This means you would always have fresh monthly designs to use.

This is a great option to reduce your workload especially is you plan to build pages for clients.

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Would I Recommend It?

Yes absolutely it’s a very powerful system and at a fraction of the price of Click Funnels during launch week.

You can lock in lifetime access for a one-time fee. Even if you decide to get a refund for whatever reason after, it’s well worth trying to see if it’s a good fit.

Their aim is to be better than Click Funnels so expect a lot more updates to be added.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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