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There aren't enough filters on audience building in FB so ad spend is often too high. Connect retarget addresses this issue, if you use FB retargeting then this is a must buy.

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What Is ConnectRetarget?

ConnectRetarget is the latest creation of Wilco De Kreij, who has (in my opinion) produced some of the most game changing FB software’s of 2015-16.

ConnectRetarget is no acceptation, what it does is simple enough…

…And it’s something that Facebook should already be doing, however if they did, it would lose them huge amounts on their ad revenue.

Let me explain.

Retargeting for many marketers is the number 1 way to use FB ads.

With competition ever increasing, Retargeting people who have already expressed an interest in your site or products is the best way to get high conversions with lower ad spend.

9 out of 10 visitors will leave without action it is massively important that you retarget those visitors.

Especially if you paid to get that traffic to your site in the first place!

You often have to touch visitors a number of times before they become a customer.

…And those audiences that you build can be used for months, so in many cases your retargeting audiences are as good as having an email list.

If they don’t buy from you now they may do in future.

Most of my product sales come from paid ads and retargeting audiences. Not my list.

Those audiences are built from all the traffic that come to my sites both free and paid.

The issue is that I’m targeting ALL traffic.

Facebook allows me to build audiences based on those who visit or don’t visit a certain page.

But this is as far as the filtering goes.

If people have come to my site by mistake, or have not shown interest they will STILL be added to my audience and I will STILL be paying to show them ads.

This reduces conversions and increases my ad spend.

This is where ConnectRetarget comes in.

It basically manages your pixel code allowing you to add many more filters to your sites and pages to ensure you are building an audience of only the most interested of visitors.

This intern means you can get even more targeted with your ads, which will improve conversions even more.

ConnectRetarget is simple, but when it comes to tracking codes I find simple is better.

Basically you add your FB account and Pixel ID to ConnectRetarget and the “Power Pixel” from CR to your site instead of FB’s pixel.

The Power Pixel then has greater control over when someone is added to the FB audience.

It only triggers when the filters are met.

As I said, simple….


…Super effective.

By eliminating the dead traffic you reduce your ad spend and increase conversions.

That is the power of this tool and how it will quickly save you money.

It’s early days on my testing but I’ve found no faults so far.

It’s a solid and simple system that does as advertised without upgrade needed.

Wilco has also packed out the training with beginners videos all the way up to advanced strategies.

With the added filters you really can start to build more complex retargeting funnels.

<h3>Vendors Demo</h3>

Would I Recommend It?

Yes absolutely, 80% of my FB ads budget is on retargeting and this has just reduced my ad spend.

If you use retargeting then you already see the value.

If you don’t, then it’s time to do some homework, as you really should be.

Give it a try for 30 days risk free and as always if you want to ask me anything send me an email on [email protected]

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