About the Author: Gareth Lamb – Digital entrepreneur, Internet Marketing & traffic expert, Funnel Consultant and full-time Digital Nomad currently living in Thailand.

Gareth lamb

I review a ton of products every week for my own business and wanted to share my findings with you. Admittedly I love new tools and gadgets, but Top 2 Review only focuses on the products I (or you) feel are the best. I don’t want to waste your time or mine writing reviews on rubbish products. For that reason it’s unlikely you’ll ever see a bad review (unless requested by you guys). if you want to know more about me checkout www.epicstate.com

All of the Top 2 Reviews have a user rating, so let us know your thoughts and experiences.

The IM Buyers Guide

Smart buyers are happy buyers.

Here are are my keep points of what to think about before you buy!

  • Will You Be Using The Product In The Next 2 Months? – Unless you are locking in a Grandfather price, lifetime rate or it’s a “once in a blue moon” product then I wouldn’t buy. The IM industry moves quickly and in many cases something better will come along a few months after. I’m sitting on products I’ve never used for that very reason.
  • Does It Fill A REAL Need, For You? – Heard the term “Divide & Conquer”? Well learning a new tool or system is often time consuming and can pull you away from more important tasks. Unless it fills a real need for YOU and your business or it’s an new venture, then don’t buy. Make sure any product adds value such as saving time or money.
  • Use The 30 Day Guarantee – Vendors prefer you buy and try with the hope you’ll love their product. But don’t be afraid to use that guarantee to try out multiple products and if you don’t like it, you can normally get a refund in a couple of days.
  • Be Patient – When you get a product during launch, often there will be the odd glitch. These issues don’t come out until it’s tested by the masses. It’s one of the reasons you get such a great price. Vendors will normally quickly upgrade to fix anything and if they don’t you can get a refund.

Top 2 Review Support

Any product bought via a link in our reviews will carry additional “ask me anything” support for 30 days. Where most vendors cover┬átech issues, we can help with a broader set of questions to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

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